@ Loves Local Makes Its First Cheesecake Stop at Schweet Cheesecake

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@ Loves Local Makes Its First Cheesecake Stop at Schweet Cheesecake
We’re excited to announce another @ Loves Local first, Cheesecake! We’re thrilled to be bringing @ Loves Local to Schweet Cheesecake in the Austin area. What started out as playing around in the kitchen with family recipes, turned into a magnificent cheesecake. So good, in fact, it had to be shared with the world. The owner, Chamille Weddington, began an online store that has grown into a physical store location, Schweet Cheesecake.
With flavors and creations so unique, we knew Schweet Cheesecake was our next stop. Visit Schweet Cheesecake on Wednesday, November 17th from 12 pm to 2 pm for either a free Strawberry or free Chocolate Chip West Side Moo Moo (mention @properties or @ Loves Local at checkout!). What’s a Moo Moo you ask? We’ll let Chamille give you the full, delicious breakdown.

What Inspired You to Open Schweet Cheesecake?

Chamille Weddington: Being that we are foodies, we enjoy trying different types of foods.  We also tinker around in the kitchen with spices and textures.  We loved our granny’s pastry (which wasn’t a cheesecake), but felt that it could be re-engineered into what we thought would be the perfect cheesecake.  One with the right crust and batter consistency, fresh fruit toppings, and whipped cream for optimized balance and freshness.  My husband thought that it was good enough to be sold in the marketplace.  So, in 2016 we decided to sell it by debuting it on a self-created website.  It began to gain traction online where we provided delivery ourselves on select days, and in local event markets.  It became a success from there.  Learn about us here.
Photo by Schweet Cheesecake

We Saw That Your Desserts Are Inspired by Your Granny’s Homemade Recipe. Which Cheesecake Has Been Your Favorite to Create?

CW: Our cheesecake journey started with the Viola Strawberry (named after my Granny Viola).  We put great pride in this flagship type because it represents the beginning of our journey, and visually is seen as a “traditional” American cheesecake.
Photo by Schweet Cheesecake

For @ Loves Local We’ll Be Spotlighting the Moo Moo, Which Is Your 4in Round Cheesecakes. How Did You Come Up With This Portable Deliciousness?

CW: Moo Moo individual 4-inch rounds represent our “slice”, and allow patrons to try more than one type, versus buying a whole cake or a sampler.  It’s a no-waste situation. We worked to find the perfect packaging and size solution that would allow customers to transport, consume and save any leftovers.  Importantly, our containers are made of recyclable paper.  Now, how about that?  See our Moo Moos here.

While We’ll Be Spotlighting the Strawberry and Chocolate Chip West Side, Is There Another Flavor That Can’t Be Missed?

CW: Locals also love the Ndizi Banana Pudding and the Avenue cheesecakes, which can be purchased as a 4-inch round Moo Moo or as an 8-inch round whole cake.
Photo by Schweet Cheesecake

The Details

Visit Schweet Cheesecake on Wednesday, November 17th between 12 pm and 2 pm CT for either a Strawberry or Chocolate Chip West Side Moo Moo on the @ tab* (paid for by @properties), just mention @properties or @ Loves Local! Schweet Cheesecake is located at 5248 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60651. Be sure to follow @atproperties and @schweetcheesecake on Instagram and use our hashtag #AtLovesLocal when you visit.
*Limit one Moo Moo per person.

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